Kloppenberg, James T. Uncertain Victory. (Oxford USA, 1988)



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Chapter 1. The Philosophy of the Via Media


1. Beyond Kant: Religion and Science in Nineteenth-Century Thought

2. Portraits: A Generation of Radical Philosophers

3. Clearing the Field: Critiques of Associationism and Idealism


Chapter 2. The Radical Theory of Knowledge


1. The Immediacy of Lived Experience

2. The Consciousness of Continuity and the Continuity of Consciousness

3. Voluntary Action and Pragmatic Truth


Chapter 3. Culture, Understanding, and History


1. The Social and Meaningful Quality of Experience

2. Interpretation as a Means of Knowing

3. The Historical Sensibility


Chapter 4. The Ethics of Rational Benevolence


1. Beyond Utilitarianism and Intuitionism

2. The Conflict Between Prudence and Justice

3. The Historicity of Ethics and the Burden of Responsibility


Chapter 5. From Philosophy to Politics


1. The Politics of the Via Media

2. Political Reform and the Role of Intellectuals

3. Resurrecting the Common Good

Part Two


Chapter 6. From Socialism to Social Democracy

1. The Origins of Social Democracy

2. The Critique of Socialist Reason

3. Rethinking Economic Theory: Where Marx Went Wrong


Chapter 7. Social Democratic Politics


1. Reform Strategy and the Tactics of Liberal Alliance

2. Democracy and the Problem of Expertise

3. Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity Reconsidered


Chapter 8. From Liberalism to Progressivism


1. Drifting from Liberalism

2. Understanding Social Experience

3. The Problem of Ethics in a Disenchanted World


Chapter 9. Progressive Politics


1. Political Action and Cultural Change

2. Progressive Education

3. Bureaucracy versus Democracy


Chapter 10. The Prospect of Justice


1. Freedom and Property

2. Toward a Harmony of Free Wills

3. Conclusion: Knowledge, Responsibility, and Reform





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