Mill, John Stuart. The Principles of Political Economy with some of their applications to social philosophy. (Longmans, Green, and Co, 1920)



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Preface [1848]

[addition to the Preface In the Second Edition, 1849]

Preface to the Third Edition [july, 1852]

[addition to the Preface In the Fourth Edition, 1857]

[addition to the Preface In the Fifth Edition, 1862]

[addition to the Preface In the Sixth, Edition, 1865]

[addition to the Preface In “the People's Edition,” 1865]

Preface to the Seventh Edition [1871]∗

Principles of Political Economy

Preliminary Remarks


Book I: Production

Chapter I: Of the Requisites of Production

Chapter II: Of Labour As an Agent of Production

Chapter III: Of Unproductive Labour

Chapter IV: Of Capital

Chapter V: Fundamental Propositions Respecting Capital

Chapter VI: On Circulating and Fixed Capital

Chapter VII: On What Depends the Degree of Productiveness of Productive Agents

Chapter VIII: Of Co-operation, Or the Combination of Labour

Chapter IX: Of Production On a Large, and Production On a Small Scale

Chapter X: Of the Law of the Increase of Labour

Chapter XI: Of the Law of the Increase of Capital

Chapter XII: Of the Law of the Increase of Production From Land

Chapter XIII: Consequences of the Foregoing Laws


Book II.: Distribution.

Chapter I.: Of Property

Chapter III.: Of the Classes Among Whom the Produce Is Distributed

Chapter IV.: Of Competition and Custom

Chapter V.: Of Slavery

Chapter VI.: Of Peasant Proprietors

Chapter VII.: Continuation of the Same Subject

Chapter VIII.: Of Metayers

Chapter IX.: Of Cottiers

Chapter X.: Means of Abolishing Cottier Tenancy

Chapter XI.: Of Wages

Chapter XII.: Of Popular Remedies For Low Wages

Chapter XIII.: The Remedies For Low Wages Further Considered

Chapter XIV.: Of the Differences of Wages In Different Employments

Chapter XV.: Of Profits

Chapter XVI.: Of Rent


Book III: Exchange

Chapter I: Of Value

Chapter II: Of Demand and Supply In Their Relation to Value

Chapter III: Of Cost of Production, In Its Relation to Value

Chapter IV: Ultimate Analysis of Cost of Production

Chapter V: Of Rent, In Its Relation to Value

Chapter VI: Summary of the Theory of Value

Chapter VII: Of Money

Chapter VIII: Of the Value of Money, As Dependent On Demand and Supply

Chapter IX: Of the Value of Money, As Dependent On Cost of Production

Chapter X: Of a Double Standard, and Subsidiary Coins

Chapter XI: Of Credit, As a Substitute For Money

Chapter XII: Influence of Credit On Prices

Chapter XIII: Of an Inconvertible Paper Currency

Chapter XIV: Of Excess of Supply

Chapter XV: Of a Measure of Value

Chapter XVI: Of Some Peculiar Cases of Value

Chapter XVII.: On International Trade

Chapter XVIII: Of International Values

Chapter XIX: Of Money, Considered As an Imported Commodity

Chapter XX: Of the Foreign Exchanges

Chapter XXI: Of the Distribution of the Precious Metals Through the Commercial World

Chapter XXII: Influence of the Currency On the Exchanges and On Foreign Trade

Chapter XXIII: Of the Rate of Interest

Chapter XXIV: Of the Regulation of a Convertible Paper Currency

Chapter XXV: Of the Competition of Different Countries In the Same Market

Chapter XXVI: Of Distribution, As Affected By Exchange


Book IV: Influence of the Progress of Society On Production and Distribution

Chapter I: General Characteristics of a Progressive State of Wealth

Chapter II: Influence of the Progress of Industry and Population On Values and Prices

Chapter III: Influence of the Progress of Industry and Population, On Rents, Profits, and Wages

Chapter IV: Of the Tendency of Profits to a Minimum

Chapter V: Consequences of the Tendency of Profits to a Minimum

Chapter VI: Of the Stationary State

Chapter VII: On the Probable Futurity of the Labouring Classes


Book V: On the Influence of Government

Chapter I: Of the Functions of Government In General

Chapter II: On the General Principles of Taxation

Chapter III: Of Direct Taxes

Chapter IV: Of Taxes On Commodities

Chapter V: Of Some Other Taxes

Chapter VI: Comparison Between Direct and Indirect Taxation

Chapter VII: Of a National Debt

Chapter VIII: Of the Ordinary Functions of Government, Considered As to Their Economical Effects

Chapter IX: The Same Subject Continued

Chapter X: Of Interferences of Government Grounded On Erroneous Theories

Chapter XI: Of the Grounds and Limits of the Laisser-faire Or Non-interference Principle

Bibliographical Appendix: Prepared By Sir William Ashley In 1909




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